Geological Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide: Thermodynamics, Kinetics, and Reaction Path Modeling

Here you can download the input/output files for the software package EQ3/6 version 8.0 (to be run with the database CMP) corresponding to those described in the book:
calc-3p5.3i (Table 7.1), calc-3p5.3o (Table 7.2)
polimin.3i (Table 7.3), polimin.3o (Table 7.4)
purewat.3ipurewat.3opurewat.3p (needed for inizializing albite dissolution modeling)
albitepw.6I (Table 7.5), albitepw.6t
albikin.6I (Table 7.6A), albikin.6t
albikinT.6i (Table 7.6B), albikint.6t
br2-htd.3i (Table 7.8), br2-htd.3pbr2-htd.3o
serpeco2.6i (Table 7.9, initial part of reaction path), serpeco2.6t

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